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Company type:  Ltd company

Company name: Saratoga Pools Ltd

Company owner: Aristos Theoxaris

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About us

Saratoga is a premium pool and spa construction company providing pool building and construction across Cyprus. Saratoga was established in 1989 with a mission to lead the way in the pool construction industry. Our offices and warehouse are based in Limassol but we offer our services to every corner of Cyprus, operating in Paphos, Larnaca, Nicosia and Ammochostos area.

The pool and spa industry in Cyprus has experienced a steady increase over the past decade. With the rapid rise of residential and commercial constructions all over the island, the need for swimming pools and spas has also risen. The feeling and essence of relaxation and tranquility is becoming more of an essential in today’s world.

We can design, construct and deliver the swimming pool you have always dreamed of; regardless of the type or shape you are aiming for. From the first stage of architectural integration into your building, up to the final delivery we guarantee infallible service and flawless execution. We can also undertake electromechanical contracts for all types of pools for either existing projects/constructions or projects that are starting now. We are able to offer all chemical products and equipment needed to sustainably maintain and mend the needs of your pool.

Saratoga Pools also offers a wide variety of prefabricated hot tubs and spas. We cooperate with leading pioneers from both Europe and the United States guaranteeing the use of the best material and outstanding quality. We offer countless options in terms of design and functionality for both leisure and therapeutic purposes.

At Saratoga we are also able to offer a number of options in terms of covers. Regardless the purpose Saratoga Pools has a viable option for you. Do you need a cover to protect your pool during the winter? Do you need a cover to protect your young loved ones? Whatever your need is at Saratoga we are able to offer you the most suitable solution.

Saratoga we also take a great pride in our aftercare service. With close to 7000 completed pools, countless satisfied customers and 30 years of experience we guarantee that you will have you pool’s specialist to mend to your every requirement for the years to come

Our mission

As a company, our mission is to design and construct high quality projects and offer an unparalleled quality of service offering our clients an exceptional buying experience. As a professional company with more than 30 years of experience in the pool industry, reliability and integrity towards the customers is our mission. Thus, our goal is to remain true to our founding values that the company was built on and thrived. We operate our business on the principle of trust and commit to delivering exceptional results that meet our high standards.

Our top priority at Saratoga Pools is to keep pioneering and offering high quality and top service to our clients. It is our mission to keep up to speed with the latest trends and techniques of the industry to ensure Saratoga becomes a synonym to exceptional quality and unparalleled design. We want to keep raising the level and continue setting high standards in the swimming pool construction in Cyprus.


Our vision

It is our vision to be able to undertake and successfully complete every swimming pool project regardless the complexity of it. We are continually fighting to raise awareness regarding spas and hot tubs. Spas are an essential part of our company not only for their therapeutic benefits but also due to the fact that they can be an alternative for potential clients who do not possess the necessary area to construct their pool. We strive to become the leaders in spa installations through providing a wider variety of spas, for all purposes and needs, from leaders in the European and US markets.

Ultimately, our vision is to lead the swimming pool construction and spa installation market in Cyprus through ethical practices that empower our employees and deliver value to our customers.



  • Swimming pool construction
  • Swimming pool renovation
  • Electromechanical installations
  • Safety cover installations

Our products

  • Chemicals
  • Filters and pumps
  • Spare parts
  • Pool shell equipment
  • PVC-Pool lining-Special equipment


  • Handcraft spas
  • Viking spas

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