For Customers

We provide a vast list of traders for any house work that needs to be done. It’s free, easy and quick to navigate through our website and find the right trader for your needs.

It is absolutely free to use Profinder to find the right professional.

No account or registration is needed to use Profinder. Just visit our website and with easy, simple steps find the trader you are looking for.

To leave a review, scroll down to the ‘’Reviews’’ section on the traders profile and rate the trader by selecting how many stars you would like them to receive. There is also a free text box where any additional comments can be included, if needed.

The initial step is to contact the trader and try to resolve any issues directly. If no solution is found and matters cannot be resolved you can contact us at or through the contact form found on our website so we can investigate further. Any unsuitable work or wrongdoing could ultimately result in the trader to being removed from our website.

For Professionals

You can submit your interest to join our team by filling the form found on our website. After you have submitted the registration form and accepted our Terms & Conditions, a member of our team will be in touch with you for more details.

Yes, there are annual fees to pay in order to advertise your business on our platform. For more information about the costs, please contact us at:

Contact us here:

For changes or updates to profiles please contact us an email explaining what is needed and a member of our administration team will contact you for assistance. When all is agreed, the requested changes will be implemented to update your profile. Any changes in someone’s profile are only carried out by specific members of our team.

We, at Profinder, encourage any kind of feedback, positive or negative, but in no circumstance would we allow inappropriate or offensive language to be used. All reviews are evaluated by our team before being published. This is why it might take a few days for a review to appear on the trader’s profile.

If a rating is poor and the feedback is negative, before publishing it, our team will contact you and the customer to gather more information and try to understand why that may be. After evaluating information from both sides, we will decide whether or not it is appropriate for the review to be published. If it is a reliable customer feedback we publish it so future customers can view it. The reason we contact the customer is to make sure of the authenticity of the feedback.